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Transportation & Logistics

Knowing how to offer the customer a level logistics in a city like Venice, where everything takes place on the water is essential. Our reality is involved daily in travel as transfers of guests on private boats such as motorboats, excursions involving the gondola or larger boats called touring to bring a more important number of guests. They do not love transport boats used for the transport of materials, furniture and even suitcases. We will have a logistic solution for every need.
Hotel Accomodation & Contract Negotiation

Depending on the needs of the customer we will be able, thanks to the wide range of hotels to offer, the luxury hotel, the period residence, the boutique hotel or the island structure with an atmosphere of privacy. Depending on the type of event we will be able to coordinate reservations and to follow guests as well as possible.
Venue Finding & Management

Venice has an interesting offer of locations from the palaces on the Grand Canal to the garden in a very intimate setting. They will be the ideal setting for a gala dinner or a corporate event. We will make proposals and organize inspections for the right choice of location from a logistical point of view.
Organizing Secretariat

The organizational secretariat plays a very important role as it coordinates the organization of the event. The staff involved will be in proportion to the magnitude of the event and will move based on the programmed actions. Contacts are made with the participants and reservations are made for the scheduled services with the tested suppliers that guarantee: logistics, opostality, catering, eventual arrangements, the management of free time with the proposal of guided tours.
Technical solutions & decor

Every important occasion needs its ad hoc setting.
Hostesses & Stewards

All personnel are selected directly from our events department. The hostesses who take care of the reception and any accompanying tours are all with license issued by the Province of Venice with certification in the language requested by the client. These figures are able to coordinate water taxis and are prepared to assist the hospistality desks. In the gala evenings we will have hostesses / stewards of excellent presence always selected by casting that will have different tasks depending on the needs of the customer

Depending on the type of activity required we have the dedicated guide. If we have programs created specifically for the event, as some luxuy brands require, we will have dedicated guides who will study the route in the required language.
Translators / Interpreters

Whether it is an event or a congressional event we are able to offer interpreters and translators in the main European and extra-European languages. The proposed services are: simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage.

We collaborate with a team of professionals authorized to provide security services for people, places and materials. In large events, based on the needs, we employ security personnel coordinated by a security manager expert in the logistics of the territory able to ensure the achievement also through a problem solving process of the maximum result with the minimum effort.
Catering & Banqueting

Depending on the type of event and client we will propose a tailor-made catering & banqueting style. Always proposing quality products and an efficient and professional service.
Photo & Video services

It is important to tell an event, whatever its nature, through a reliable, modern and discreet service. In the time we have come to select figures of excellent professionalism and creativity undisputed ingredients to tell an event according to needs.

Every location, activity or service has been selected and organized according to our strict quality standars, because we pay great attention to our partner's selection. We choose them because we love them. And we are sure yo will love too
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