They happen every year, in a certain period on a fixed basis, they attract lovers of art, culture and cinema. They are part of our historical memory, they are experiences to be lived. Live them with us.

Venice and the Carnival are an inseparable couple. You too can join the and feel the Venice's tradiotion In these days of free disguise, where refined costumes inspired by ancient iconography or the creative flair of tailors and craftsmen parade through the streets and in the marvelous Gothic palaces. We will help you choose your costume and take part in the most beautiful parties where you can have fun in the sumptuous halls of the Venetian palaces, even lighting up through the water door with your gondola.

The Biennale, an exhibition of contemporary art, has now entered the collective culture by changing the way of understanding and making art by catching the changes and social impulses. A real attraction for the city. We will accompany you through a complete visit to the exhibition or, if interested, we will help you organize your cultural event in the context that best suits your needs.

The Venice film festival is about to begin and as always it will be wonderful. Films, actors, VIPs and celebrities will enliven the Lido of Venice. Watching a movie by - or - with a star we love with him or her sitting in the theater is priceless. It's an experience that every cinephile or fan would like to have in their lifetime. Staying on the Lido in a star hotel, perhaps having breakfast close to the actors of the film you will be watching. All this is possible with us.

With the Festa della Sensa we find ourselves immersed in folklore and tradition. This original event brings back to life the centuries-old history of the Serenissima Republic with the Marriage of the Sea ceremony and the Venetian rowing regattas. You will witness the Doge who, as a propitiatory rite, threw a golden ring into the waters of the lagoon to once again seal the bond between Venice and the sea.

Venice is the ideal city for a boat show. If San Marco is the political heart, Rialto the commercial soul, the Arsenale was not only a military place and water gate of the city, but it symbolized the western garrison of our culture and of our Europe. The Arsenale is therefore the ideal place for a boat show and to celebrate the people of the sea. You will be surrounded by an incomparable historical context in the center of Venice, appreciating the boats of local, national and international players. With us you can organize your arrival and stay at the hotel, if you arrive with your yacht, we can find you a mooring and give you tourist assistance. if you are an exhibitor, we can assist you in every logistical tourist need, to make your stay in the city easier and more pleasant.

The Vogalonga is a non-competitive rowing boat regatta. Born in the 70s to relaunch Venetian rowing, in recent years it has become an appointment that tourists and Venetians cannot do without. It is certainly an environmental message that is launched every year. You can book your stay with us and attend the colorful event.

What could be more impressive than fireworks that light up and reflect off water surfaces. It will be a show made more unique, given that the host city is Venice. The Feast of the Redeemer has its roots in a very distant past. With us you will be able to witness this highly suggestive fireworks display from the edge of a boat, from a terrace with dinner served or from the most important building in the city: Palazzo Ducale. We will help you to better appreciate this event.

On the first Sunday of September, Venice shows itself in all its maritime Republic splendor with the Historical Regatta. A splendid historical procession precedes the competition divided into four races and by type of boat and winds along the Grand Canal. You will witness a riot of colors that bring to mind the glories of glorious Venice. With us you will spend an unforgettable day.

Participating in the Venice Marathon is an experience of indisputable charm. You will be surrounded by eighteenth-century villas along the Riviera del Brenta to reach the lagoon, Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale.

We can say that the feast of the Madonna della Salute is to be considered the least touristy. For the Venetians this festival evokes a sincere religious sentiment so much so that the participation is almost complete on the part of the citizens. A unique and evocative event in a month, the month of November, where the city, despite being the winter season, comes alive in full respect of the meaning of this celebration.
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